Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grateful Heart

Maybe it's just the week I am having.  Let's think about it:  seven days ago I was freaking out.  I was trusting in my God to pull me through, but the worry and stress was grinding on me.  I had to go through the motions of when the worry would come, to remind myself out loud and in my head to let it go--- trust --- let go of the wheel even though I have NO IDEA where He is taking me.  One thing I know is this:  as a highly educated person, one that is to rely on logic, rational things, facts that we can see, tangible things, and evidence -- well faith can be a hard principal to grasp.  And faith is a hard thing to do -- I am not talking about faith in a higher power, as in does He exist -- but unshakeable faith from Hebrews -- the faith in the things that are unseen.  But there I stood.

Contrast that with today -- I can look back and see the steps that led me today.  Monday was a possibility that at a turn of a gut decision of a man, my life changed -- I had a job, a way to pay my bills the week my unemployment payments ran out.... the major stress factor in my life solved.

But it is more than that.  I am so grateful to many of you who have been reading.  And who have taken time out of your days to comment, or to email me and share with me how my trials, tribulations, and struggles have encouraged YOU!  Or to just tell me that you were thinking of me, or praying for me.

The purpose of this blog has been, and will continue to be to encourage single parents to reach for their dreams.  And the best part of blogging, besides therapy for me :), is to know that somehow the struggles I am going through are things that you, the reader, can identify with.  That somehow the words that I write encourage or move  you in some way.  What that tells me is that lemons really can be made into lemonade.

Next time, I hope to write about the Sacred Trust.... this has nothing to do with God in general, but the trust that you as future lawyers will hold once the degree is conferred upon you.  I think this is a trust that lawyers lose sight of in a quest for money or power-- ultimate greed for one or the both drives them to forget about the responsibility that was entrusted to them when they first entered through the doors of that law school.  This is something I have been thinking deeply about the last few days.  A thought that is rattling around in my head, but reaching into my heart this one will be "to be continued."

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