Monday, August 9, 2010

School is about to start

I have to say that it feels weird knowing that classes are about to start/resume for law students, and I will not be a part of this. Part of me is so relieved, the other part is sad. I loved school.

So, some last minute tips:

1. Party this weekend if you can.... get in some me time. Because hey, me time will be rare for the next 10 months.
2. Go get those school supplies...for you and your kids. Get it out of the way.
3. You still have enough time to get the booklist and buy your books online. This will save you a TON of cash.
4. Read a book for you... Shortly you will not have time to do so for yourself.
5. Depending on the age of your kids, prepare some "activity packs" you can get out for them in emergency situations. Little new items that will buy you time if you need some extra study time. This way, they get something neat, and you get some added time.
6. Go take a nice slow walk in the park and breathe in the air.
7. If you don't have Microsoft OneNote to do your class notes in, buy it now and figure out how to use it and tag important information. I LOVED this software for class notes. Absolutely made my outlining a breeze.
8. Brush up a bit on the structure of our three branches of government. The first couple of weeks of law school were a breeze for me because I had a poli sci background and understood the structure of government.  Others (particularly some psych majors I knew, struggled with this concept).  If you were not a political science major, check the following books out:
How The US Government Works
(This is a complete kids book, but it is GREAT for explaining the three branches of governments and the good thing is, you can give it to your kids so they can read about what you are learning about.  My daughter has this book and LOVED studying it).

(Not kidding.  If you did not take political science classes, this is a life saver for you.  You will learn the basics and have a step up on your classmates.)
9.     Get on top of your housework and laundry....... because the house is about to go to pot.
10.   Spend some extra time with the kiddos..... that extra time is about to get rare.

Good luck guys!  I envy you, I really, really do!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely do ALL of these this weekend!!