Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Friend completes her first week as an Attorney

My good friend from law school was one of the lucky few that snagged a job before getting the bar results.  She started last week.  I was itching to talk to her and hear all about her experience.

What was funny is she read that I was struggling with wanting school.  She and I are a lot alike.  She said she felt the same way until she started this job.  Because she figured out she knows jack crap about being an attorney and she is in the school of hard knocks figuring it out!  She is in love with her first job.  She said that private practice is nothing like the government work we did.  She works for a small firm (only two attorney's), in a small town.  So her tasks have been very, very varied....(lol, how's that for alliteration).  The point being one day she was learning how to fill out a deed, the next day she was drafting letters for a hot custody dispute.  She is becoming a master of several areas and satisfying her need for knowledge.

This has just made me want a job so much more.  I want to feel this excitement!  I want to be challenged and pushed.  And she is living it right now!  So happy for her, so, please Lord, let me find a job!

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