Friday, December 11, 2009

Schools out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turned in my last two papers on Monday.  Now the wait for grades which won't come until after the 1st of the year----YUCK.

Since I had papers, and no finals, I went back to work earlier than the other clerks.  You should have seen the lawyers eyes light up when they realized there was a clerk back........I was kept absolutely hopping busy.  Who-hoo.  And with interesting stuff to.  Lot of trial prep, and guess what?  Mom signed at the last hour before trial.  Typical.

I like the holiday spirit in my office.  Our office does a pie sale 2 days before Thanksgiving.  Everyone makes pies and then they are sold--we raised 1200 dollars this year.  Then, that 1200 is used to buy toys for foster kids and they are donated.  I LOVE THIS.  We not only free these kids up for legal adoption,, but we also do other things for them.  Things we are not paid to do, but that we do because we really care.

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