Monday, November 23, 2009

Next Semester's Courses

I am still awaiting final news of what I will be taking because of one class is still in the lottery phase, but so far, here is what I am taking:

Juvenile Law:  This class deals with dependency and termination of parental rights....should be up my alley.  Who-hoo.  Though I have never had the professor, so there is an unknown quality here.  No ratings in Rate My Professor . I am flying blind here.

Criminal Procedure II:  Follow up to the first course I took last year.  Taught by a new professor Davidson.  Heard she is tough, and a bit grumpy at times.  This course follows what happens from Jail to Bail.  She does get a smiley face on Rate My Professor.

Law and Education:  Another new professor....sheesh, way to go in my last semester.  This deals with the rights of children and parents in the education system.  Unknown quantity:)

First Amendment:  Taught by Professor Green.  Honestly, he was one of the reasons I went to my school was to take a class by him.  So, here I am, in my last semester take a class on a subject I love, learning from a master.

Sentencing Law and Reform........taught by my fave Professor Appleman.  So, I know there is a take home exam, no paper.  I know I love her as a professor and am glad that my last semester is spent in one of her classes.  And this is  a subject that has become an interest of mine over the last year or so.  So I will buckle up, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

Also taking a course on setting up your own solo practice.  Very excited about this one.  This class is being taught by an attorney here in town who has his own solo practice.  Should be good.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I am taking Intensive Trial Practice during the break---1 Week, 40 hours = hell, but a pass/fail class........Taught by Professor Tornquist, someone I have not had yet, but heard wonderful things about.

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