Monday, November 23, 2009

The End of the Semester....

I like to do a recap of my experiences from classes. I have no finals this semester, they are all paper courses, so I am going to do a recap now, prior to getting my grades, so you can have unbiased feedback without the tainting that a law school final can give!

Oregon Criminal Procedure:  The BEST class I have taken in my law school career.  Seriously.  Taught by the Supreme Court Chief Justice, who prior to his experience on the bench, was a top criminal defense attorney who defended on capital murder charges, this class was practical and gave wonderful insight into the process of defending, writing motions, and basic Oregon Constitutional law.   Some say it was alot of work....I laughed at that.  There is no final.  There is only a 2 page motion to write once a week.  Chief Justice makes it easy for you by telling you what to focus on.  Also, let's be frank, anytime you can get face time with someone so influential--take it.

Civil Rights Litigation:  Interesting and thought provoking class.  Taught by Professor Carrasco, the class really gets you thinking about topics that are involved in civil rights.  Prof. Carrasco is passionate about this subject, especially when it comes to the rights of undocumented workers.  He has an obvious left leaning political ideology, but he is willing to explore and listen to all sides of the argument.

Race and the Law:  Taught by Professor Appleman, who by the way is my favorite law school professor, this class was a frank exploration on the topic of racism in American and how the law has both historically, and today, tainted the law.  Honestly, this class felt more like a sociology course, but I really enjoyed it.  Killer paper though, and as this is my third year graduation requirement class-----whoo-ee, she is tough, but fair.

Sexuality and Discrimination:  I took this class as a gap filler.  I really saw nothing interesting I wanted to take so I filled this one in.....And honestly I am glad I did.  We studied not only gay rights, but pregnancy, and gender issues.  Taught by Professor Carrasco, the class was more of a survey course then a seminar.  The topic often a bit uncomfortable, but always eye opening.

Comparative Constitutionalism:  This class is an example of why sometimes you should not take a course just because you love the professor, which I did.  Professor Wise taught the course, which is the only thing that saved it.  Studying constitution's and their role in international countries makes for very dry, boring reading.  For me, the most rewarding was the paper I am writing on the country of Iran and women's rights.  Really opened my eyes to the oppression and subrogation women experience in other countries.

So, that's it........for this semester and courses.  I might let you all know how I did with scathing reviews of how fair paper grading went when I get my grades:) [which is never until January because they torture you].

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