Tuesday, September 15, 2009

American Inn of Courts

I recently was accepted to be sponsered by the law school to join the Willamette Chapter of the American Inn of Courts. This is an organization comprised of judges, attorney's, law professors, and sometimes law students. The focus is on practice and ethics. The point is to work on being a better advocate.

What drew me to this organization was the focus in it's mission statement to provide new lawyers with a mentor who can help them as they begin their practice. As I continue to focus on life out of law school, and the beginning of my professional career, thinking about building professional contacts becomes more important.

I would hope that when I enter the legal field as an attorney, not just a student, that my name would be associated with ethics and integrity. I have the opportunity to interact with judges and defense attorney's as well as attorney's in my office. This organization will continue to build my contacts and reputation within the community.

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