Thursday, June 11, 2009

Expert Witnesses

I have been in court all week watching an interesting trial. What has struck me this week is the how much some expert witnesses enjoy taking on the attorney's. Two doctors of psychology testified. One for the state, one for the respondent.....Each one enjoyed their time on the stand thouroughly. Each listened intently and did not allow the attorney from the opposing side to corner them or trick them. At one point, one doctor said, "I love arguing with you lawyers" with a big, fat smile on his face. And you could tell he did enjoy it.

One attorney said, "Isn't it true that the largest part of your practice is DHS referrals?" And the child's attorney said, "Objection, we are all whores to somebody." lol......To which the judge even laughed.

I have learned alot this week in the courtroom. #1 thing, you are not likely to trick a psychologist. I think they just might be more cynical then attorney's.

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