Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Learning......

I have been quite neglectful in posting on my blog for all the followers. Being busy and learning new things has been quite exhausting. When I come home, half the time I just want a nap!

I am learning alot this summer. One thing that I am learning that is invaluable is the saying that honey goes much further than vinegar. There is an attorney in the office that plays a bit of the favorites. I really like this attorney, but have been wary around this person because I had heard alot about the shennanigins that has been created in the past by him/her. Anyway, I have made it my mission to be sweet and indespensible. And in the process I have learned so much from him/her. Court procedure, drafting motions, trial on.

Court: Whoo, this has been a trial by fire experience. The judge is a formal, southern guy. My first two appearances I have received, "I am not going to do your work for you" for simple things that I feel are unnecessary. For instance, I requested that he order a parent to stay in court until I could have the person served--totally within his realm, it would have been 2 minutes, but he refused to do it. So, I have learned that knowing your judges personality and idiosyncracies is IMPORTANT. This judge likes a woman who talks soft, is feminine, and real polite--basically not me! LOL. But I have learned to give him the image that he wants, and in doing so, I get what I want. Sell out, I know, but hey----I win in the end.

Lawyering: I have learned the art of making and argument to the court. I have spenct countless hours researching for an argument, and we get to court, and the unthinkable happens, and the next thing I know, I have to argue for the unexpected. I have learned that I can do so and win.

Other Lawyers: I have learned that older lawyers take advantage of the newbies and try to be snarky jackbutts in court. I had a lawyer say I was "misrepresenting facts" though what I said was exactly right and supported by the record. Yikes!

Court Again: I have learned how to build a record. As well as when to argue something, and when to let it pass you by because in the end it does not matter.

Office Politics: I have learned that state offices are the den of office politics. I was shocked by how brutal and ugly as well as how back stabbing some people can be. Eyes wide open on this one now. Watch your back. If someone has worked for the state, in the same department for 20 years, watch it. There is a reason why they have been there for so long.

So, that is not all I have learned, but just the highlights. School is getting ready to start soon. I have 3 homework free weekends now before the start of school. The 4th weekend before school starts will be used to move and reading for that first class period. Can I share that I am so glad this is my last year? What a journey.

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