Sunday, May 10, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

And no, I am not trying to quote or sing Alice Cooper songs. Seriously, another round of finals are completed. I jumped on a plane with my daughter and we jetted down to Disneyland for much needed fun and relaxation. I am always surprised by the feeling of relief that comes over me when I walk out after my last final of a semester. Literally, I feel as if a seventy pound bag was dropped off my shoulders.

For those of you that know me, you know that I have suffered from insomnia for years now. I think something like six. But these last 10 days since I have finished school, no such problem. In fact, this weekend I slept until 10 am each morning. that is unheard of for me.

I returned to work full-time on Thursday of last week. Thursday and Friday were weird for me. Simply because there is a new batch of law clerks coming in. I am waiting for my court certification to come in so I can appear in court! I am so excited about this. Beyond that though, there is a really weird feeling of being the 3L. I have been thinking about how I felt those first few days of work. How tired and strange I felt. And then I thought about how bonded I grew with the other law clerks.

I have begun realizing that I am at a stage where change, even small change, is starting to freak me out. We got booted from our cubicles at work, because we are the current law clerks and shuffled around. I am not in an office all by myself, that I can't call an office, I must call a workspace [governmental politics I think].

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