Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Appearance in Court Monday

That's right folks....I am making my first appearance in court on Monday and I am so very excited---but nervous too. I can't seem to decide whether I am going faint or barf, maybe I will manage to do both.

I know I am scared. I plan to practice law in this county and I want nothing more to earn respect from not only my colleagues at my office, but the county judges and defense attorney's that I come into contact with. I feel like this is the second major step in my career path.

What was funny was getting my first case. I read through the file, looked up the adoption bulletin where I saw the child---a beautiful tow-headed child and the only thought I had was "Aw baby, I am going to get you free so you can be adopted." I even kind of teared up.

People ask me all the time how I work in the department I do. How can I look at all the abuse reports? How can I stand to see the evil in this world? I am sure if I focused on this, I would go crazy. Instead, I think about the fact that when my job is done, and the case is closed, the children I help are in homes where the parents want them, love them, and cherish them. I love my job.

And that is what I am going to think about Monday morning as I stand and address the court. I am going to think about how I love my job, and this is but a step in performing it. And I am going to think about this little child and the chance the child will have in life.

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