Monday, December 22, 2008


The winter break is a time to de-stress. 30 days to breathe before the new round of classes begin. Funny thing, de-stressing. Since the end of finals a week ago, all that I want to do is sleep. My body craves rest and I swear I could sleep the days away, and a few of them I did. We were hit with a winter storm and I could not get out of the house for two days that I should have been at work. So I slept the days away! I feel more alert, but like I could still sleep. I was reading about sleep debt and how your body can loose so much that it shuts down. Apparently that is where I am at.

I don't think the law student truly understands the amount of stress that we are under until after finals. Things become a little clearer and it becomes easier to breathe. The constant muscle tension and knots ease. You find yourself laughing more and easier. The pace slows down and you realize it won't be the end of the world if you take your time. And by the end of the break, you begin to wonder what to do with your time. Right now, having time to just lounge on the couch, making a butt groove, is a novelty. However, by January 4th, I will be bored.

For now, I breathe a little easier.....

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