Sunday, May 18, 2014


I cannot believe it has been nearly a year since I have posted.  It has been a very, very busy year full of ups and downs.  I have been in my office for over a year that sits and overlooks the courthouse.  That has been fun.

I have had more trials and hearings than I care to describe.  I love my job.  I am so grateful for it daily.  More than that, my practice has grown incredibly.

Some of the new things I have done:

  1. Represented a birth mom in an adoption.  That was both wonderful and terrible at the same time.  There is something beautiful and selfless in this -- but as a mother myself, I imagine the heartbreak would be crippling at times.
  2. Had a judge ask me to represent a child in a very, very unusual way.  First, I was shocked that the judge had heard that I represent kiddo's on pro bono status.  Then to see the judge's thoughts and have that rare ex-parte contact was interesting.
  3. Had a trial go sideways.  And I do mean sideways.  The result was so unexpected.
  4. Working my first appeal.  The otherside is pro se, but whatever.  Interesting nonetheless.
  5. Dealt with the first TRULY crazy pro se person.  Word to the wise:  never speak on phone.  Only ever speak in person.
  6. Won my first UCCJEA case.  Yes, these are real.  Yes, the are messy.  And while technically this was a federal act, each state implemented and interprets differently.  My case required close work with an attorney in Hawaii.
The one thing that I have learned:  Domestic Relations is NEVER boring.  There is something new every day.  The challenge is the emotional toll it can take.

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