Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dealing with Opposing Counsel

I don't know what was in the air last month, but I managed to make a few attorney's angry.  All attorney's guard their integrity closely.  As they should.  But some have limited memory of what they say in judges chambers.  I actually had an attorney aggrieved with me because they believed I called them a liar in front of the judge.  I didn't.  Didn't even come close.

Further, another attorney was upset because his/her client told him/her that I was speaking terrible things about him/her.  And without double checking with me, I was brandished as someone that was out there gossiping and talking smack.

Peyton's Place.  This profession is a den of gossip, and a bunch of divas.

My advice:  When you find out that opposing counsel has been offended, don't always ignore it.  Take the time to straighten it out and let the other side know that your intent was not to do as they thought you did.  That 2 minute conversation will garner you a lot of appreciation and respect.  Remember, you are going to have many more cases with that person.  Make it work.

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