Monday, January 3, 2011

Do right, even if it bites you in the end........

There is a personal story that I will tell you all someday....... right now it is too fresh, to new, and I feel too betrayed to be able to go into right now.  But a few months ago, I needed to make a decision that could effect my professional life.  I chose to do the RIGHT thing.  The thing with integrity, the thing that would allow me to sleep at night-- that is the thing that I had to do.  While I was assured I would be taken care of, not to worry, that I would have no concerns... the truth is that I was left twisting in the wind.

Lesson learned:  Trust no one.  But always do what you know, in your core being, is right.  It may hurt sometimes, you may lose, but the truth is that your integrity as a person will continue to shine through.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Good luck. I wish I had better words of encouragement, but that feeling of being betrayed--when you made a conscious decision to do the right thing, of all things--is one of the worst. Being able to look back without regrets is one of the most peaceful, though. :)

  2. Just this:

    Thank you. And you are right, the only thing that really matters is being able to know I did the right thing. In the end, I have to live with me:)