Friday, June 4, 2010

Bar Study......

So I finally started studying for the bar.  After an extremely upsetting week with the death of a friend and then becoming ill, I was really, really behind.  Or so I thought.  I am not taking the Barbri course that about 90% of students taking the Oregon Bar take.  I, as a single mom, wanted a home study program.  And quite frankly, I did not have the 3000 to spend on Barbri.  So I went with Ameribar.  The first day is spent listening to lectures on how to study effectively and a good strategy for planning  your study course.  The way they put it made so much sense.

Also the program has you make your own schedule.  This is nice.  There are a few points of law that I did not take in law school that will be covered by the bar.  So, the closer I study these areas to when I will be tested, the better off I will be.  I have a huge expansive knowledge of criminal law, torts, and constitutional law, so it makes sense to study those first.  And to study any Oregon specific points tested next, then move on to the newer stuff, leaving property and contracts [the hardest portions for me] for last.

I know have a plan of attack and have padded some free time in too.  I will update as I go.  But so far so good because I made it through my first day.

Oh, one interesting factoid.......there are close to 3000 points of law to learn for the Oregon Bar Exam.....let that one sink in.

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  1. Thanks Lisa. I am a mother of two hoping to attend law school too. Thanks for making this blog, its gives loads of hope to people in such unique circumstances like myself.