Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grad Dinner Class of 2010

My LRW Class from First Year

Oregon Supreme Court Justice Paul DeMuniz and Me.

Last night was the night that Class of 2010 got together and broke bread was a time of letting loose with relief, and socializing as only soon to be lawyers can.  What struck me the most was looking around and realizing that I was actually going to miss some of these people.  Even if I did not know some  deeply, and intimately, their faces were familiar and we were bonded! How?  By the lawyer club as I call it---we made it through law school alive and well!

Last Night, the Oregon Supreme Court Justice gave a speech.  First, let me say I took a class from this man in the Fall of 2009 and he is BRILLIANT.  But beyond that he is a genuinely nice man and wise, very, very wise.  He talked to us about what to remember as we become young lawyers.  I found his speech to be honest, frank, and truthful as well as good reminders.

Here were his high points:  1)  You integrity goes before you and lingers after you.  Always, always do what is right.  2)  You make your own facts.  Examine things closely and learn to use the power of your lawyer skills.  Don't accept what seems obvious, be examine the documents of life.  Don't let the facts dictate who  you are, you dictate the facts.  3)  Believe:  Make your priorities and always remember that the practice of law is your life, but not at the expense of your family.  Believe in your priorities and stick to them.  4) Go do some good.  Give of yourself and give back.  We have a responsibility to the people and the courts.  Represent both well.

Words of wisdom I will carry with me.  Last night was a night of joy, but a night of sadness, because I am not sure that I will see many of these people any time soon...........good times, great memories, and the newest Alumni at Willamette University Colloge of Law.

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