Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Choose your response now......

Graduation comes and all of the sudden you are fair game.  Seriously.  What do I mean?  Simply that everyone comes to you with every legal ailment that plagues them.  These people want advice, and they want it for free.  Nevermind that you spent upwards of 150,000 on your education and you only have that to fall back on and earn your keep.

Now, one situation that has come to my attention does not bother me at all......I have a "first" case I could have once I pass the bar that I am chomping my bit at.  But I digress......

Start figuring out what you are going to say to your friends and family, and casual acquaintances now.  Practice some kind of nice line that lets them know that you will help them [after taking the bar] but it will cost them.  I haven't figured out my line yet, but I will and when I do I will post it.


  1. Wow. Lisa, I wish I found your site when I began law school. I too am a single mom of a young child. I am also going through bar study. I have fought through illness, break ups, a sick child and while I am studying I am in the process of dealing with a short sale on my house. Take your "minute" to feel your loss... then as you know, you take a huge breath and get back in the game and keep on going. You know yourself better than anyone; and you know just how proud of you your friend will be/would have been knowing you passed the bar. I wish you strength and perseverance... nothing a single mom who made it through the tribulations of law school doesn't know about... besides... we all cry in the car on the was to bar lectures... (even my friends who don't have kids ;) Stay strong girl... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!- Deb

  2. Deb: Thank you! Good luck to you as well! I am actually doing a self-study program, so I cry as I walk from my room to my desk to start the program......UGH, it is BAD.....but it will be fine!