Thursday, September 18, 2008

2nd Year Stress

Second year in law school, I am finding, is absolutely tougher than the first year. Let me explain. As a second year law student, you know the ropes of the schooling. You know how to outline, you know what you can get away with as far as reading/not reading, you know your own study habits. So the journey should be easier, right? Wrong.

There is one major change: work. The first year of law school, at least at Willamette, you are banned from holding a job. But your second year, it is considered an advantage. Now don't get me wrong, I love me job. I believe in what I am doing, I work with a GREAT group of lawyers and paralegals, and in many respects classtime is about learning the law, but at work I get to see the law applied to the "real world." This is irreplaceable. However, it is difficult to balance work and school. Throw into that children, housework, and a daughter's very busy social schedule = one VERY tired mommy.

I am approaching the wall hitting break. Unfortunately, I had not come even close to this mythical, but real wall, last year until November.

Last year for me was a breeze. This year is feeling a little stormy.

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