Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Approaching Finals.........

Fate sometimes has a sick sense of humor. Friday morning, the last day of classes, I wake up with a sore throat so bad and a fever. Golly gee---apparently stress raises a hormone in your body that then weakens your immune system:) Go figure.

So I finished classes. I weird thing about the conclusion of classes for the semester is that the students applaud the Professor. Interesting thing to do and I have never understood it. I mean are we applauding a job well done; or are we really applauding the fact that this person that either bored us, tortured us, patronized us, humilated us, or in some ways truly entertained us--is out of our lives for a few weeks or months?

Saturday I woke up feeling even worse. Which was terrible because I needed to study. And I had committed to speak on a panel to admitted students. The Admissions office (which by the way are some of the coolest people in the building), put together a preview day. Admitted students came and were treated to a "mock" class taught by a Con Law professor. They also were able to sit on panels to ask questions.

My panel dealt with attending law school with partners or children (or in some cases both). I was the only single parent on the panel and found a lot of people directed questions my way. A wife of a past student on the panel tried to explain what it was like living with a law student. She said that finals week was the worst because students live, eat, and breathe law. That we often are dazed and thinking only about rules and principles. As she is saying this, I realize that yep, I am there but not, and in fact, I am repeating the rules of contract law and unconscionability in my head!!! So true and funny.

Afterwards, there was a fabulous reception including free booze. I refrained from drinking (beer, cold medicine, and head colds generally do not mix well), but I did meet some really cool students coming into the school next year.

What was cool and energizing was seeing their excitement and energy. After a long and grueling first year, it was so refreshing to let their buzz influence me!

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