Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Healthy

One of the things that is universal about college, and ESPECIALLY law school is this:  You pack on pounds.  Seriously.  I put on 20 pounds during my three years at law school and noticed that quite a few of my peers did the same.

Why did we do this?  Simple.... We are so busy that making a plan on what to eat, or planning ahead, becomes impossible.  The law school has vending machines, a cafe, and a coffee shop --- what more do you need?  On top of that, many of us crave sugar and fatty foods when we are under a tremendous amount of stress.

Two weeks ago I said enough.  I immediately thought about the foods I was eating and realized that I was going to kill myself if I did not make some changes.  I eliminated processed sugar and flour from my diet.  As soon as I did this, miraculous things started to happen.  Endless energy, no more headaches, and the 7 years of insomnia?  Gone. 

Strangely enough, contacted me during this time with a link to their website.  In the coming days, I am going to review a few of their products.   Check out their website for special offers.

I just got my package from them yesterday.  I was concerned because their were not ingredient listings on the website, but I am happy to report that there is no processed flour in the ingredients and sugar is far down on the list as well.... so now I just need to make some and review!

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