Friday, October 7, 2011

Silence needs to be broken....

Yes, it does.  I haven't been talking a lot.  Mostly because I am disappointed in myself.  See, I have taken the bar a few times and have not been able to pass.  Latest example is this past July.  Results came out and again, I did not pass... this time the points for not passing were HUGE.  Not only that, but the fact of the matter is that the MBE (multiple choice questions) continues to be my stumbling block.

Now the MBE has become a monster in my head.  I was in good company.  Two of my good friends, both tops students in the class, were right along side me, except they did pass this last time.  I don't begrudge them.  But I have to wonder what the heck???? I bought a book, which has prompted me to write this post.  The book is written by a professor at Penn State who is speaking to those that have a hard time passing the MBE.  I never considered myself a high risk test taker.  But he says I am.  Why?  I am a single parent.  That means that I cannot cut off my life for the 8 weeks necessary to study for the bar.  I can't.  It's not possible.  So how do I rebound from that?

I don't know.  I wish I had some simple answers for everyone so I can pass and then pass on the solution for you.  As I navigate my way through this, I will share. 

The funny thing is:  If we gave only multiple choice answers, and twenty minutes to answer that question with one of those answers, and no research available -- in the real world of lawyering, it would be called malpractice.

This isn't about what you know... it's about whether you can pass a standardized test.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. I failed the Oregon bar last July (2010), and the MBE was also my downfall. I took some time off to collect my thoughts and pursue other endeavors. Figuring the time is right for me now to try a bar exam again, but I'll be trying Washington's exam this time. Best of luck to you.

  2. I just failed the Colorado bar exam.
    I don't have my scores yet - so I don't know what area did me in.
    But I know how demoralizing this all is.
    And wanted you to know that you're not alone.

  3. I'm a 1L and single mom to a 6 month old baby. My school boasts a 100% in-state bar passage rate and 96% out-of-state. I worry that I'll be the person to mess up that record. I'll get there'll get there too.

  4. I'm a single mother as well. Planning to take the bar next year.. I'm glad you did not give up. If I fail, I won't give up either.. I will just take it again. thanks for sharing you've inspired me.