Saturday, March 14, 2009

Law School Messes with ya

That's it. Law school messes with your brain. Cynicism sets in all the time. Analyizing never stops and you start wondering if you will ever be "normal" again. For instance, my daughter's adoptive grandma is taking my daughter swimming on Wednesday. She has told my daughter that she is welcome to invite a friend. My mind automatically goes to the liability involved.

There are other things too. You begin to calcuate every risk. When someone makes you a "promise" you start thinking about contracts.

The worst thing for me has been the way Law and Order is ruined for me. No lawyers are like that in real life.

Viewing cops takes on a whole new experience after taking criminal procedure. And forget watching the First 48 on A & E. You will drive yourself crazy. Really. I cannot believe people just let the police interrogate them without a lawyer OR that people consent to their house being searched. Sheesh........

I guess I am just venting right now because I feel myself slowly changing. Professors tell you in school that you will change and become something that you don't recognize anymore. I fight everyday to keep the things that I like about me, and recognize the changes that are happening on the inside.

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