Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follow up

So, now the school has made the news. Click on this link KPTV to watch the news story that hit the tv this weekend regarding the threats. What is so funny to me is that these students were not pictured out of fear, but I know who they are just by the sound of their voices. I am pretty sure that the students that made the threats would know too.

The whole situation is not funny at all. My commentary is that when this was first brought to the administrations attention, they did nothing until it had spiraled out of control. Had they acted without haste, it would have never happaned.

Another comment I have is this: I know one of the students accused. This was not limited to two students only. More students were involved and only two are taking the blame because the students in trouble will not give up the names. In addition, there seems to be a slight witch hunt going on. One student is not liked by the student body and this student is the one that the administration is barring from returning, even though what this student said was far less threatening then the student that returned to class.

What is amazing to me is that we are all adults and yet this is not being handled very well. And the result, letting some students get off without consequences, is not just or fair. I would argue that it is not even ethical.

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